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Performance is our Promise

Today’s plastic film industry is inherently diverse due to the vast differences in polymer properties. Because of the strong performance capabilities, Profol specializes in polypropylene cast film. We also produce coextruded film from polyethylene and combinations of PE and PP.

Which polymer is right for your project? Profol is here to help you answer that question. Profol’s engineering team and product specialists are here to offer you the data, development and testing to ensure your film exceeds your quality and performance expectations. And that’s the Profol promise.

The advantages of our cast polypropylene films are just as diverse as the markets they serve. Profol cast films are cost-effective, flexible, durable and have multiple chemical and physical properties that make them a smart choice for thermoplastic materials. Whether you are a manufacturer, converter or end user, Profol films and lightweight composites are the answer to your different needs and challenges.

Custom, functional, high-quality.