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CPP films for automobile masking and thermally pressure bonded composite structures.


To keep automobiles looking their best from transit to showroom, Profol performs.

Profol’s line of films for automotive masking is specifically designed to meet stringent automotive OEM requirements for ease of application from self-wound rolls and clean surface removal. Profol composite film has an embossed surface and outstanding thermal bonding characteristics that makes it an ideal thermal laminating film for foam, carpet, or PP fibers and scrim. profol-automotive-use

Give us your toughest challenge. We’ll give you the best solution. Profol performance means more than providing custom film solutions for automotive applications. It’s our promise to you that we’ll deliver technical expertise and innovation, provide steadfast customer support, and always stay adaptable to your changing needs.

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Featured automotive products:
  • ProMask™ – films for coating are also used as automotive masking films
  • Film for composite lamination – after thermal lamination, the product can be thermoformed to reach the desired design
  • Progano® Lightweight Composite – advanced polymer made of glass fibers embedded in a polypropylene matrix used to replace aluminium and steel in automotive components
Applications for cast polyolefin films:
  • Automotive headliners
  • Automotive trunk liners
  • Automotive floor liners
  • Composite film applications
  • Lamination applications
  • Rear window deck lids
  • Automotive storage covers
  • Underbody shields (UBS) film
  • Thermoforming film
  • Carpet backing film
  • Masking
  • Moisture barrier film for car doors
  • Window film for full body bags