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Building and Construction


Building and Construction

Protecting your building and construction project with cast polyolefin film for underlayments and flashing tapes.


For building structures and your reputation, Profol performs.

Profol’s line of building and construction products consists of custom-engineered specialty films that meet specific customer needs for roof and carpet underlayment, PSA flashing tapes, etc. Our films can serve as a moisture or chemical barrier and many offer anti-skid properties.profol-construction-rolls-close-crop-960x515

Give us your toughest challenge. We’ll give you the best solution. Profol performance means more than providing custom film solutions for building applications. It’s our promise to you that we’ll deliver technical expertise and innovation, provide steadfast customer support, and always stay adaptable to your changing needs.

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profol-construction-materialsFeatured building and construction products:
  • ProGrip® – coextruded CPP film ideal as a carrier material for non-skid surfaces
  • ProTuff® – textured polyolefin overlaminate film with excellent contact clarity and scratch resistance
Applications for cast polyolefin films:
  • Building underlayment
  • Flashing tape
  • Floor protectant film
  • Anti-skid film
  • Moisture barrier
  • Chemical barrier