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Films for Coating


Films for Coating

Cast polyolefin films engineered to mask and protect a variety of products.


For adhesive and other coating applications, Profol performs.

Profol’s line of cast films for coating are specifically designed for customers who want to apply adhesive for self-wound tape and masking films. Our polyolefin film unwinds well with a variety of pressure sensitive adhesives including acrylic and rubber. Unwind or release strength can be engineered through various emboss patterns. Profol flim is also coated with release coatings such as silicone. Profol coating films are available in custom colors with options for UV, flame retardant or other additives as needed. profol-films-sign-masking-993-new

Give us your toughest challenge. We’ll give you the best solution. Profol performance means more than providing custom film solutions for coating applications. It’s our promise to you that we’ll deliver technical expertise and innovation, provide steadfast customer support, and always stay adaptable to your changing needs.

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    Featured films for coating products:

    • ProMask – multilayer cast polyolefin film is corona treated on one side so that it can be easily coated with adhesives
    • ProPrint™ – soft, bright white cast polypropylene film for printing and coating

    Typical films for coating applications:

    • Pressure sensitive adhesive tapes
    • Protective films
    • Protective masking tapes
    • Printing primer
    • Barrier coated film
    • Architectural masking films
    • Automotive transit films
    • Carrier film for decals and graphics
    • Consumer products masking films
    • Release liners
    • Appliance masking film
    • Glass masking film
    • Masking film
    • Overlaminate film
    • Window construction tape
    • Flashing tape