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The Lightweight Composite

Innovative Technology – Made In Germany

Beyond the boundaries of conventional formats, thermally formable, a wide application spectrum and availability in large quantities. Result: Consisting of up to 10 layers of UD tape, Progano’s enviable specifications are setting standards for the next generation of lightweight composites.

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Discover new ways to produce thermoplastic composite components.

Progano’s composite material is a highly developed combination of continuous glass fibers and polypropylene. It enables design engineers to reduce the weight of components and increase the strength and production efficiency. Applications can be found in the automotive, construction and leisure industries as well as many other technical markets.

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Progano’s Lightweight Composite Sheet


Progano components weigh up to 35% less. It’s not as dense as aluminum and Progano components can be created using less material.


Progano is at least 50% stronger than aluminum alloys of similar proportion and performs exceptionally well in crash tests.


Reduced manufacturing durations and costs through the direct integration of multiple elements in a single component construction process.


Give us your toughest challenge. We’ll give you the best solution.

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    • Automotive door panels
    • Side crash protection
    • Bumper beam structures
    • Engine carriers
    • Automotive seat backrests
    • Automotive armrests
    • Trunk liners
    • Car battery boxes
    • Instrument panels
    • Scaffolding boards
    • Concrete casting boards
    • Solar panels


    • Multi-layer UD-tape construction (0°/90°)
    • 72% continuous glass fibers
    • 28% polypropylene
    • Density: 1.65 g/cm3
    • Weight: 330 g/m2 (single layer UD-tape)
    • Thickness max. 10 ply / 2 mm
    • Width max. 1,200 mm
    • Length max. 2,000 mm
    • Color: black & natural

    Progano sheet can be used in almost any thermoplastic application to replace aluminum and steel in many components.



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