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Lightweight Composites

Parts made of new Progano sheet are lighter than aluminum and as strong as steel.

For new ways to make composite thermoplastic components, Profol performs.

Progano® lightweight composite sheet is an advanced fiber-reinforced plastic made of continuous glass fibers embedded in cast polypropylene. This new material enables automotive manufacturers to decrease component weight, increase strength, and improve production efficiency. The glass-reinforced composite material is also used in the construction industry and other technical markets. Read the news article about Progano to learn more about this exciting new technology from Profol.

New Progano Lightweight Composite Sheet


Progano sheet has a low density that makes it 30% lighter than aluminum, but still as resilient.


Progano is as strong as steel, and demonstrates more flexibility in crash tests.


Functional elements can be integrated directly into the production process, saving time and money.

Give us your toughest challenge. We’ll give you the best solution.
Profol performance means more than providing custom composite solutions for automotive, construction and other formed component applications. It’s our promise to you that we’ll deliver technical expertise and innovation, provide steadfast customer support, and always stay adaptable to your changing needs.

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Typical lightweight composite applications:

Progano sheet can be used in almost any thermoplastic application to replace aluminum and steel in many components.

  • Automotive door panels
  • Side crash protection
  • Bumper beam structures
  • Engine carriers
  • Automotive seat backrests
  • Automotive armrests
  • Trunk liners
  • Car battery boxes
  • Instrument panels
  • Scaffolding boards
  • Concrete casting boards
  • Drainage covers

Standard specifications:

E-Fiber: 2400 Tex / 17 micron filament
Polymer: Polypropylene plus bonding (coupling) agent
Composition by weight: 28% PP, 72% glass
Density: 1.75 g/cm³
Meter weight: 350 g/m² (single UD Tape)
Standard 10-layer symmetrical construction: 0°/90° – 4:1
Thickness: 2.0 mm
Width max.: 1200 mm
Length max.: 2000 mm
Color: Black