Lightweight Composites

Light in weight, heavy on performance

Lightweight composite Progano, the advanced composite material made of glass fiber and polypropylene, sets new standards in lightweight construction. It enables designers to reduce the weight of components, increase strength and make production more efficient.

The UD tapes, with unidirectional glass fibers embedded in polypropylene, cover further requirements for lightweight construction as 0° and 90° layers and form the basis for our Progano organic sheets.

We have developed our films for the automotive sector specifically to meet the high demands of car manufacturers: hot-melt films with outstanding thermal bonding properties – for bonding with foam, carpet, PP/glass fiber (LWRT) or natural fibers.

Profol is always on board with innovation.

Profol puts you in the driver's seat.

  • Interior trim (roof, trunk and footwell)
  • Interior components (I-panel, center console, armrests, pass-through tray)
  • Battery boxes
  • Engine mounts
  • Door panels
  • Bumper beams
  • Structural components
  • Underbody protection
  • Fusible film for underbody protection, trunk cover and wheel housings
  • Film for carpet backing
  • Moisture barrier for car doors
  • Trunk, roof and flooring molded liners

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