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Profol continues rebranding effort with manufacturing site name changes in Germany.

We the Profol group, with six locations in Germany, Czech Republic, USA and China have undertaken a major rebranding of our organization. With manufacturing plants on multiple continents, our rebranding is putting an emphasis on Profol as a global brand. The rebranding is designed to showcase our global presence, capabilities and leadership in cast polyolefin film and sheet. As part of this global rebranding, the three German locations will be renamed as of August 1st 2019 as follows:

  • Profol Kunststoffe GmbH becomes Profol GmbH
  • Innofol Kunststoffprodukte GmbH becomes Profol Greiz GmbH
  • Technofol Kunststoffe GmbH becomes Profol Harbke GmbH

Profol, with headquarters in Halfing, Germany, and five other locations around the world, had built a global reputation for quality and service through nearly 40 years of manufacturing polyolefin-based cast film and sheet products. The rebranding effort was driven by a need to unify our global marketing efforts to communicate our position as a world leader in the cast film and sheet industry.

The new tagline, “Profol Performs”, was created as a simple and direct delivery of the Profol brand promise. It serves as a guideline to Profol employees around the world as to what our customers expect from us. It also sets the tone for a unified brand identity, website, and communications approach for all Profol locations, and a better brand experience for all Profol customers around the world. Our promise of consistent performance is clear, and it sets us apart in a crowded marketplace.

Profol strives to build long-term relationships with customers by making their jobs easier. No matter where you go in the world, the unique benefit of Profol is the same – providing custom cast film and sheet solutions that solve specific customer problems.

We want to make you aware of our web presence at www.profol.com, providing information on which markets we serve, new developments and products as well as trade show appearances. Please visit our website and view the News & Events section for upcoming trade show appearances.

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