Why cast PP reigns in today’s furniture film market

Consumer demand for sustainable products is at an all-time high, even extending into their living environment. As a leading global supplier of fully-recyclable cast polypropylene sheet and film, Profol PP is steadily rivaling PVC as the preferred surface material.

Long known for our film solutions, Profol recognized the value of our sustainable film being adapted to the furniture and cabinet industry. Profol laminating films are used for a variety of surfaces including kitchen and bath cabinets, furniture, walls of recreational vehicles and flooring products. Manufacturers use our film for its ease of printing, lay-flat characteristics and long-lasting durability. Profol film is impervious to moisture and conforms to chemical resistance testing developed by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) with no staining or discoloration

Several features of cast PP make it a wise choice for furniture applications:

  • Fully recyclable
  • Wide variety of colors, textures, matte and gloss finishes
  • Embossed patterns simulate natural textures, thus helping to hide imperfections in substrates
  • High chemical and moisture resistance
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy lamination and printability
  • Non-toxic
  • High abrasion and impact resistance
  • Elastic and flexible
  • Excellent bonding capabilities to a variety of substrates
  • Universal applications (furniture, flooring, wet rooms, etc.)

Cast PP films can be applied to wood or MDF or other substrates in several different applications and surfaces:

  • Protection layer
  • Decorative surface layer
  • PP or wood-based core
  • Backing layer
  • Smooth, mineral, structured or embossed surface

Market conditions have catapulted PP into the limelight as a wise furniture film laminate. Profol offers cost-effective PP solutions in as little as 8 weeks, and the cost is comparable to other polymers.  And in today’s eco-conscious environment, consumers and manufacturers are steering away from non-recyclable films. Add to the mix our durability and variety, and you’ll see that Profol films delivers on all counts.

For more information on Profol cast polypropylene furniture film, please visit Cast PP film for furniture and decorative surfaces .

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