CPSeal® V Vacuum Packaging Films

CPSeal® V Lock seal and forming film

CPSeal® V-110 and V-210 films

Profol’s sealable vacuum packaging films include CPSeal® V-110 lock seal lidding film and CPSeal® V-210 forming film. Non-laminate monomaterial recycle-ready films are available (depending on application).

Consumer preference

North American consumers traditionally prefer to buy fresh red meat with a ruby red color. Fresh red meat that is packaged in film with a low oxygen transmission rate will remain deep purple in color long after it reaches the store shelves.

Consumers have also shown a preference for purchasing fresh vegetables that are bright in color as well as firm to the feel. To achieve this preference, Profol’s CPPeel® V fresh vegetable vacuum packaging allows for extended shelf life during the vegetable respiration and ripening process.

CPSeal® V Vacuum Packaging Attributes

  • Coextruded polyolefin-based solutions that are not laminates
  • Breathable film for:
    • Fresh red meat to ensure the meat blooms to a ruby red fresh color
    • Frozen meats, allowing red meat to bloom as it thaws
    • Fresh vegetable respiration during distribution and shelf life
  • Very low haze for optimal product presentation
  • Offered in either lock seal or peel seal compositions that meet and exceed 6 bar pressure in underwater burst testing
  • Custom films for your vacuum packaging applications
  • Monomaterial recycle-ready solutions depending on application

CPSeal® V Film Portfolio

  • Highly breathable film for fresh red meat, fresh vegetables and frozen meat
    • Lidding film 3-4 mil typical
    • Forming web 5-9 mil typical
  • Thin gauge sheet from 12 – 25 mil with tight gauge tolerance of +/- 0.5 mil for improved thickness distribution in formed parts
    • For in line tray production
  • Other custom solutions can be developed upon request

Ready to learn more about Profol’s vacuum packaging films? Contact Amy Presher at webinquiry@profol.com to request our full brochure.

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