Profol adds thin-gauge polyolefin sheet capability.

Profol expands upon its heritage of being one of the world’s largest cast polyolefin film producers by adding thin-gauge sheet capabilities to their Cedar Rapids, Iowa, manufacturing site. Profol now offers thin-gauge sheet in a variety of polyolefin resins at some of the industry’s tightest gauge tolerances. Profol produces sheet with a gauge variation of +/- 0.5 mil across a web of 1900 mm (75 in.). Profol is able to achieve these tolerances through a uniquely engineered roll-stack design and proprietary integrated gauge control.

Prior to installing the thin-gauge sheet assets, the Profol team engaged the market to identify unmet needs for thin-gauge sheet applications. The message that came back loud and clear was the desire to reduce gauge while still maintaining part profile thicknesses in shallow-draw thermoforming applications. The barrier that was preventing many thermoforming companies from achieving gauge reduction was their inability to find sheet converters who could provide sheet with tight enough gauge tolerance, especially in the 12-25 mil range.

Profol is well known in the cast film industry for offering very tight gauge tolerances. Profol produces cast film in the range of 1-12 mil with tolerances on most grades of +/- 0.1 mil, in web widths as wide as 2700 mm (106 in.). When the market need for tight gauge tolerance in thin-gauge sheet was identified, our engineers designed the sheet line with the same proprietary integrated gauge control as we have on our film lines. Our customers have seen this as a game changer for their ability to reduce gauge. If you have thin-gauge polyolefin sheet needs, please contact us.

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