Lidding Film

Mono material at its finest

Profol’s CPPeel® family of polypropylene peelable lidding films is a fit for sustainability. CPPeel® lidding films can be transparent or white, and together with PP cups and trays, form a great basis for sustainable mono material packaging. Simple, safe and recyclable… the perfect solution for brand owners, converters and consumers.

The consistent seal and easy-peel properties ensure easy sealing and opening on PP, PS or PET cups.

Printing on the surface of Profol lidding films is vibrant and colorfast. Our film satisfies both the printer and the customer’s keen eye.

The CO2 footprint of CPPeel® lidding solutions is four times lower than that of aluminum foil. This is good for the environment. In fact, we were awarded the 2020 German Sustainability Prize for our CPPeel® lidding film.


  • Lids for cups

  • Lids for bowls and trays

  • Thermoformed snap-on lids

  • Laminate composites with oxygen barrier

Key attributes

  • CPPeel® lidding film adapts to various cup and tray material compositions
  • Low sealing temperature
  • High whiteness and good transparency
  • Very good printability with high brilliance
  • Reliable puncture resistance


  • Thickness range: 50 – 250μm
  • Width: up to 2,300mm
  • Colors: White and transparent


Amy Presher

Sales Manager, Packaging