Building and Construction

Profol - a name you can build on

Protecting your building and construction projects and your reputation is a cinch with Profol’s underlayments and flashing tapes.

Profol’s line of building and construction products consists of custom-engineered specialty films for roof and carpet underlayment, PSA flashing tapes, etc. Our films can serve as a moisture or chemical barrier, and many offer anti-skid properties.

An airtight case for utilizing Profol films:

  • Progano® Lightweight Composite – advanced polymer made of glass fibers embedded in a polypropylene matrix used to replace aluminium and steel in building components
  • Coextruded CPP film which is an ideal backing material for applications that require a non-skid surface
  • Heavy duty, flame retardant polyethylene film for use as surface protection in construction and industrial environments

Typical building and construction applications:

  • Floor underlayment
  • Roof underlayment
  • Flashing tape
  • Floor and decking protection film
  • Anti-skid film
  • Moisture barrier
  • Chemical barrier

Ready to learn more about Profol building and construction films? Please contact Mark VanSumeren here to receive our full brochure.