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Next generation flooring design and durability

Our Ready-To-Laminate design flooring is the simple PVC- and melamine-free complete solution for flooring manufacturers who are focused on sustainability, quality and design. Thanks to the special UV coating, a scratch-resistant surface can be realized in various gloss levels up to dull matet. Ready-To-Laminate is a unique combination of decorative, wear and varnish layers that can be easily applied directly to the substrate of your choice (wood-based panel or plastic) in a single step.

Key Attributes

Simple further processing

Complete flooring that is easy to laminate to backing board. Excellent flatness, optional primer for bonding.

UV light resistance

Long service life due to excellent UV resistance

Deep embossing

Natural looking wood and stone embossing up to a depth of 100 µ


Free from plasticizers and halogen components


Contains no SVHC (Substance of very high concern) ingredients

100% recyclable

Ready-to-Laminate is a PP mono-material. Laminated to PP sheets, the entire flooring is 100% recyclable

Scratch & abrasion resistant

Abrasion resistance according to DIN EN 16511: Class ≤ 33

Natural look and feel

Soft surface feel due to excimer lacquering and natural looking decors and embossing

Warm to the foot and low noise

Comfy walking feeling and cushioning effect


Profol prints its own decor and offers a wide range of decors and embossings for your design floors. Whether wood, stone, metal or fantasy, our floor coverings will convince the keenest eye with their natural look and feel. Our excimer coating ensures a super matte and scratch-resistant surface.

Decor examples wood, stone and fantasy:

Technical specifications

No matter on which substrate you want to apply our flooring film, the primer for adhesive or optimal formulation for thermal lamination ensures the application is always trouble-free.

  • Thickness: 370 – 620 μm
  • Width: up to 2.08 m
  • Abrasion stress class: ≤ 34
  • Stool roll test after 25,000 revolutions (type W): 34
  • Color fastness to artificial light: 5
  • Stain resistance: Grade 5 (EN 438-2)

Advantages of PP-based solutions

Polypropylene is a versatile and durable plastic that is ideally suited for the production of recyclable and sustainable LVT design floors. It is characterized by its high chemical resistance to acidic and alkaline substances, is impermeable to moisture, is easy to print and can be quickly processed at your site as ready-to-laminate.

In addition, Profol’s Ready-To-Laminate design flooring made of polypropylene is scratch-resistant and easy to clean.

+ High chemical resistance to acidic and alkaline substances

+ Impervious to moisture

+ Easy printing

+ Can be further processed quickly as ready-to-use laminates

+ Scratch resistant

+ Easy to clean

Sustainably designed floors

Polypropylene design flooring is one of the best options when it comes to producing SVHC-free durable flooring that can also be easily recycled.

Utilizing PP conserves resources by reducing the use of raw materials,  and it’s also suitable for material recycling.

Learn more about polypropylene as a sustainable raw material and our sustainability approach at Profol.

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