Roofing Underlayment Films

Roofing Underlayment Films that perform

Product Features

  • UV protection
  • ProGrip® anti-skid surface
  • Improved thermal expansion properties
  • Excellent nail seal ability
  • Excellent dimensional stability in high and low temperatures
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Building & Construction

Profol's Roofing Underlayment Films Deliver

Discover Profol’s roofing underlayment films, including our ProGrip® – the ultimate solution for superior roof protection. Engineered as a premium, UV-stabilized synthetic underlayment, ProGrip® offers unmatched durability for your roof underlayment.

With its non-skid design, ProGrip® ensures excellent walkability, enhancing safety on the roof deck. Say goodbye to worries about wind-driven rain wreaking havoc on your structure or home interior. Our film helps create robust moisture barrier, shielding the roof against potential damage.

ProGrip® is versatile, compatible with various roofing materials including asphalt shingles, slate, wood, metal, or mechanically attached roof tiles. Its advanced composition prevents rot and brittleness, ensuring the longevity of your roof.

Experience the difference with Profol’s ProGrip® – not only does it offer superior protection, but it also enhances the aesthetics of your roof. Say goodbye to unsightly buckling, as our underlayment films provide a smooth, finished appearance.

Invest in ProGrip® today and enhance your product with Profol’s roofing underlayment films.

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    Scott Bruner

    Director of Sales - North America

    Environmental protection for today and tomorrow is a high priority for Profol. We regularly evaluate our energy use and consumption of raw materials throughout the production process and company. Our practices include energy recycling and the utilization of recyclable materials in our manufacturing processes.

    We are proud to partner  with Material Intelligence on our sustainability initiatives.

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