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Prodecor design surfaces


Design surfaces for your substrate

Prodecor design film is our innovative solution for furniture and decorative surfaces. The film embellishes your substrate and impresses with its high level of aesthetics and functionality.

Prodecor is scratch and abrasion resistant and impresses with its high resistance to water and moisture. The feel, look and design of the decorative film can be individually adapted to the needs of our customers. We are at your side as a competent partner to realize your ideas.

Whether for drawers or cabinet doors, in the bathroom, kitchen or bedroom – Prodecor cuts a fine figure in any room.


Important functions

Our high design aspiration guarantee aesthetics and trend awareness. The result is a beautiful look and pleasant feel that enhances any room. We make sure that our films are not only attractive, but also easy to work with. Prodecor made of polypropylene offers economic and ecological advantages over other materials.

Decor print

Printed, embossed and lacquered decorative surface films

Wide color range

Individually colored with precise color reproducibility (∆E < 0,5)

Various embossings

Embossing from the standard or according to customer requirements possible

Supermatt to glossy

Particularly suitable for the production of supermatt surfaces. Coating solutions up to gloss level 25 are also possible.

Scratch and abrasion resistant

Abrasion resistance according to DIN EN 16511: Class ≤ 33

Anti fingerprint

Clean surfaces, free from fingerprints

PVC free

Free from plasticizers and halogen components

UV-light resistance

Long service life due to very good UV resistance

Moisture resistant

Durable even in wet rooms and resistant to liquids


We offer a wide range of designs to perfectly suit your application. Our focus on aesthetics and design is reflected in each of our films. Whether you prefer a classic look or modern trends, Prodecor offers you a wide range of design options. Convince yourself of our high-quality and aesthetic films and make design statements with Prodecor.

Decor examples wood, stone and fantasy:

Printing and embossing possible. Super matt lacquer solutions up to gloss level 25 in the corresponding quality classes.

Technical specifications

  • Thickness: 120 – 200 μm
  • Width up to 2,20 m
  • Reproducibility of the color (∆E < 0.5)
  • Color fastness to artificial light: ≤ 6
  • Abrasion resistance according to DIN EN 16511: Class ≤ 33


+ Why polypropylen

Polypropylene (PP) offers various advantages over other materials such as PVC or PET. PP is not only environmentally friendly, but also more economical than PVC, for example, due to its lower density. In short: more film can be produced from one ton of material – and thus save costs and resources.

+ Processing

Prodecor design films are easy to process. Our PP films run cleanly, quickly and efficiently on all known laminating lines worldwide.

Monomaterial solutions

Sustainability and mono-material solutions are playing an increasingly important role. Take a step into the future now and talk to us about the use of PP sandwich panels, which can replace your existing chipboard or MDF panels as a substrate. Take the step towards mono-material furniture with us and set an example for the circular economy.

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