Packaging film solutions for today's applications

If you’re looking for packaging that protects your products, optimizes your production and attracts customers, Profol performs. We produce cast film made of polypropylene – recyclable thermoplastic materials that are easily remeltable and reshapable. Therefore, our packaging line of cast film and sheet products are suitable for use with food and non-food items. FDA-compliant, PFAS free, PVC-free and BPA-free variations are available. Profol Americas is SQF and ISO certified to ensure the highest quality and safety of our films.


Typical applications for Profol polypropylene-based materials include the manufacture of anti-fog film, retort film, peelable lidding, bags and pouches, shallow-draw thermoforms, vacuum packaging, bacon L board, thermal lamination and more. At Profol, we are more than a supplier of custom polypropylene film and sheet solutions. Our team is committed to delivering technical expertise and innovation, providing ongoing customer support. As a result, our customers know they can always rely on us to meet their needs with quality products and unmatched service.


Our Film and Sheet Products

We offer a broad selection of polypropylene, coextruded polyolefin combinations and sheet packaging products to suit different customer applications. Most of our packaging products fall under the CPSeal® or CPPeel® film families, with some products spanning both families depending on the type of seal you require.

CPPeel® Family of Peelable Films

The CPPeel® peelable family of films includes lidding and pouch films, many of which are recyclable ready. CPPeel® film’s key attributes are its clean and consistent peel performance. Profol offers a range of sealants that have been engineered to deliver the characteristics important to you and your customers.

View Individual CPPeel® Packaging Films:

CPPeel® D Dairy Lidding Film

CPPeel® 200 Peelable Lidding Film

CPPeel® R Peelable Film for Retort

CPSeal® Family of Sealing Films

Profol’s sealant films are made from cast polypropylene and can be used as sealants in packaging laminations or as a mono-structure. CPSeal® films are flexible, yet tough. They form strong seals and allow for protection of your product in both shipping and on the shelf.

View Individual CPSeal® Packaging Films:

CPSeal® C-100 Packaging Film

SBB Synthetic Bacon Board®

Consumption of sliced bacon is at an all-time high. As the number of bacon consumers rises, so has the interest in sturdy and sustainable packaging alternatives. Our synthetic bacon board is made from a film that is moisture-resistant, grease-resistant and 100% recyclable. It can be printed with custom graphics and provides a stiff backing for meat-based and plant-based products. Since the polypropylene material will not absorb moisture, it has been validated to withstand High Pressure Processing (HPP) and maintains its visual appearance.

Benefits of Cast Polypropylene (CPP) vs. Cast Polyethylene (CPE)

Many packaging products are made from cast polyolefin film. This material group encompasses a variety of materials, including cast polypropylene (CPP) film and cast polyethylene (CPE) film. Most Profol packaging products are made from polypropylene since it offers several advantages over polyethylene for monomaterial packaging.

  • Superior transparency/low haze
  • Greater rigidity/stiffness
  • Easier tear opening
  • Higher temperature resistance
  • Moisture barrier performance
  • Better converting process efficiency
  • Ultrasonic sealability

Packaging Applications

Our packaging films are used in various applications across a wide range of industries. Typical uses include:

  • Anti-fog, hot and cold
  • Autoclave sterilization films
  • Bags and pouches
  • Boil-in-bag films
  • Composite can liners
  • Flexible packaging
  • Floral wraps and packaging sleeves
  • Food packaging
  • Form-fill-seal films
  • Labels — In-mold (IML), pressure-sensitive
  • Laminate films
  • Medical packaging
  • Metal lamination films
  • Peelable lidding for tubs, food trays, etc.
  • Stand-up pouch film
  • Retort films
  • Sealant films — heat seal, hot knife, ultrasonic
  • Shallow-draw thermoform sheet
  • US mail packaging
  • Vacuum packaging films

Ready to learn more about Profol packaging films? Please contact Amy Presher to receive our full brochure.

Amy Presher

Sales Manager, Packaging

Shelley Cooper

Director of New Business Development/Synthetic Bacon Board Sales

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