CPSeal® T Thermal Lamination Sealant Films

Profol CPSeal® T Thermal Lamination Sealant Films

CPSeal® T-100 Thermal Lamination Sealant Film for PET and CPSeal® T-200 Thermal Lamination Sealant Film for BOPP

Profol CPSeal® T Sealant Films open new opportunities for HP Indigo Pack Ready laminated packaging.

CPSeal® T polypropylene sealant films provide converters the ability to thermally laminate HP Indio reverse printed BOPP or PET film to Profol cast polypropylene sealant films using a laminator manufactured and sold by Karlville. It is perfect for small to large packaging volumes that require product customization, versioning and fast time to market. This process allows print and package converters to change packaging runs more quickly and opens new opportunities for digitally printed flexible packaging.

Profol CPSeal® T films complete the circle of flexible packaging possibilities enabled by the HP Indigo Pack Ready thermal lamination system

The opportunities and applications for digitally printed flexible packaging, continue to expand. It is projected that CPSeal® T films open up an additional 14% of the market opportunity for HP Indigo Pack Ready lamination.

Reverse printed BOPP/CPP and PET/CPP HP Indigo Pack Ready thermal lamination system is ready for your next digital flexible packaging application.

(BOPP/CPP validation report available, PET/CPP validation work in progress)

Profol is the exclusive provider of CPSeal® T cast polypropylene thermal lamination sealant films

Profol is the exclusive qualified provider of CPSeal® T films for the HP Pack Ready program. The Profol Thermally Activated Polymer (TAP) layer is a unique chemistry that bonds to the flexible packaging film layers, and the extensive HP Indigo ink color spectrum. Profol developed a TAP layer chemistry to achieve 3.5 newtons per inch lamination strength.

Profol CPSeal® T film can be laminated to reverse printed BOPP or PET. Profol will work with you to develop Pack Ready lamination chemistries for other flexible packaging structures.

The Profol CPSeal® T film chemistry is designed to bond under heat and pressure. TAP resin interlocks the layers of film and ink, creating high lamination bond strength instantly. The composited laminated film is ready to be slitted and heat sealed for pouches immediately.

Ready to learn more about Profol HP Indigo-ready films? Please contact Amy Presher at webinquiry@profol.com to receive our full brochure.

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