The Value of SQF Certification in Food Packaging Manufacturing

Having a supplier that produces products to meet food safety standards recognized in the industry is important in today’s packaging world. Retailers, brand owners and food service providers need assurance that the food packaging materials they buy have been produced under the guidance of a food safety management program. Using an SQF certified supplier like Profol Americas offers this assurance.

Profol, a leader in food packaging cast film and sheet, sees SQF certification as an important validation for its food packaging customers. A key component of Profol’s brand promise is to make customers’ jobs easier. Profol strives for continuous improvement and believes that achieving SQF certification offers their partners another level of confidence for receiving safe, quality food-grade packaging film.

What is SQF Certification?

The Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI) is responsible for developing and managing the Safe Quality Food (SQF) program. SQF is a food safety certification and management program based on sound scientific principles that applies risk-based thinking to control food safety hazards.

Once a company implements the SQF food safety management program, it is audited regularly by a third-party certification body. The food safety certification requirements of SQF provide a meticulous process to manage food safety risks and provide safe products for use by companies in the food industry.

SQF is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). The SQF codes are written with consideration of the industry, customer and regulatory requirements. SQF certification ensures that an arduous and credible food safety system is in place, which helps facilitate customer confidence.

Why is it important today? 

The SQF program is recognized by retailers, brand owners and food service providers as one of the most rigorous and comprehensive food safety and quality standards in the world. SQF standards require establishment of a detailed, comprehensive food safety program through every step of the supply chain. Being SQF certified lets your customers know that you have gone the extra mile to help them lower their risk and exposure. Brand owners can be confident that their products are packaged in consumer-safe packaging.

What can you expect from an SQF certified supplier?

  1. Reliable Food Safety System – Having an SQF certified supplier means controls are in place assuring you are getting a consistently produced product that is being properly evaluated.
  2. Product Traceability – Processes are in place to trace a product through the entire manufacturing process. Unique lot numbers allow traceability from raw material to the finished product.
  3. Increased Confidence – Brand owners can trust that an SQF certified supplier has implemented a food safety program that ensures compliance and safe, quality food for consumers. The third-party certification body performs regular audits of the system. This fact gives owners the assurance that food safety and sanitation issues will not threaten their brand or reputation.

Providing quality, safe, food packaging products to the industry is of paramount importance today. Using an SQF certified supplier such as Profol provides benefits to brand owners, food service providers and retailers that are immeasurable in today’s environment.

Why not take the guesswork and risk out of your supplier selection? Choose a provider that has earned the right to carry the label – SQF Certified Supplier.

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