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Polyolefin packaging solutions for many applications.



If you’re looking for packaging that protects your products, optimizes your production operations, and attracts customers, Profol performs. We offer a packaging line of cast film and sheet products that are suitable
for use with food and non-food items. FDA-compliant, PVC-free, and BPA-free variations are available. Typical applications for these polyolefin materials include the manufacture of anti-fog film, floral sleeves,
overwraps, peelable lidding, pouch structures, shallow-draw thermoforms, textiles, and more. At Profol, we are more than a supplier of custom polyolefin film and sheet solutions for packaging applications. Our team
is committed to delivering technical expertise and innovation, providing steadfast customer support, and remaining adaptable. As a result, our customers know they can always rely on us to meet their needs with
quality products and unmatched services.

We offer a broad selection of polyolefin film and sheet packaging products to suit different customer applications.


CPPeel lidding film is an excellent alternative to aluminum, metalized PET, or paper/polyethylene lidding materials for sealing, protecting, and marketing food products. It is primarily made from polypropylene resins that have undergone the cast film process.

Key characteristics include:

  • Solvent-free formulation
  • Customizable peel strength and adhesion levels
  • Ability to be heat sealed to containers without the need for solvent-based heat-sealing lacquers
  • Inertness with regard to lactic acid and packaged food
  • 100% recyclability

The sealant layer can be designed for universal use and sealed to a range of materials, including PET, polypropylene, and polystyrene. Suitable applications for these peelable lids include yogurt, cream cheese,
instant soups, margarine, desserts, salads, sour cream or whipped cream, etc.


CPPouch is a flexible polypropylene pouch film. This award-winning technology features coextruded all-polypropylene film and sealant webs laminated to other substrates (e.g., reverse-printed BOPP or PET). They are
available in highly transparent or pigmented variations.

Key characteristics include:

  • Single-material construction
  • Low haze
  • Excellent moisture barrier
  • FDA compliance
  • 100% recyclability

Synthetic Bacon Board® (SBB)

Over the years, the consumption of bacon has increased. As the number of bacon consumers rises, so too has the number of those looking for sturdy and sustainable packaging alternatives. Our synthetic bacon board is made from a film that is moisture-resistant, grease-resistant, and 100% recyclable. It provides a stiff backing for meat-based and plant-based products that can be printed via various methods. Since the
polypropylene material will not absorb moisture or bacon grease, it maintains its visual appearance.

CPTap™ Sealant Film

The newest addition to our packaging product line is CPTap sealant film. This polypropylene film allows converters to laminate custom packaging printed with HP Indigo digital presses to it using Karlville
laminators. It makes it easier to change packaging runs and opens new opportunities for digitally printed flexible packaging. It is suitable for small to large packaging volumes that require customization,
versioning, and fast time-to-market.

We are the exclusive qualified supplier of CPTap film for the HP Pack Ready program. The HP Indigo Pack Ready flexible packaging concept is designed to streamline the process of making functional pouches. Graphic
design, printing, and lamination are performed accurately and quickly, allowing digital converters to provide solutions on demand.

Clear Tear-Seal™

Clear Tear-Seal is a soft, transparent polypropylene film that contains no plasticizers. As a result, it has a surface that is copy-safe and easy to coat. It is an excellent material for packaging applications
that require toughness, optical clarity, and heat sealing. Typical packaging products made from it include bags, floral wraps, pouches, and sleeves.


ClearTough is a durable polypropylene-based film. It offers outstanding resistance to punctures and tears.


ProFoil is a metalized polypropylene film designed for barrier bags and IML printing. It has excellent printability and seal strength, both of which are necessary for high-impact food packaging designs.
FDA-compliant grades are available.


ProPost is made from coextruded cast polypropylene designed for use in postal packaging. It offers exceptional printability, readability, and durability, meeting and/or exceeding the requirements of the postal
industry. It also eliminates the need for separate labels.


ProTort-1 is a polyolefin design for retort pouches. It is made from FDA-compliant material.


SuperClear is a smooth, optically clear cast polypropylene film engineered for use in the most demanding visual applications. It is available in custom colors, FDA-compliant grades, and variations with excellent
toughness and tear resistance. All SuperClear formulations exhibit excellent lay-flat characteristics, which enables them to feed quickly and reliably through printing presses, sheeters, and sealing machines.


CPVac is a family of polyolefin-based films designed for vacuum packaging. They help maintain the quality and freshness of meat and other food products.

Thin-Gauge Sheet Film

Our thin-gauge sheet film is available in thicknesses ranging from 12 to 25 mil with tight gauge tolerances of ±0.5 mil. It is suitable for use in shallow-draw thermoforming applications.

Many packaging products are made from cast polyolefin film. This material group encompasses a variety of materials, including cast polypropylene (CPP) film and cast polyethylene (CPE) film. Most—if not all—Profol packaging products are made from CPP since it offers a number of advantages over CPE. For example:

  • Superior transparency
  • Greater rigidity/stiffness
  • Easier tear opening
  • Higher temperature resistance
  • Stronger moisture barrier and oxygen barrier performance
  • Better converting process efficiency and ultrasonic sealability

Among others, these characteristics make CPP packaging superior to CPE packaging in terms of product quality and performance.

Our polyolefin packaging products find use in various applications across a wide range of industries. Typical use cases include:

  • Anti-fog, hot and cold
  • Autoclave sterilization films
  • Barrier bags and pouches
  • Boil-in-bag films
  • Composite can liners
  • Flexible packaging
  • Floral wraps and packaging sleeves
  • Food packaging
  • Form-fill-seal films
  • Labels — In-mold (IML), pressure-sensitive
  • Laminate films
  • Medical packaging
  • Metalizable films
  • Peelable, lock or peel seal lidding for tubs, food trays, etc.
  • Pouch films — stand up, pillow
  • Retort films
  • Sealant films — heat seal, hot knife, ultrasonic
  • Shallow-draw thermoform sheets
  • US mail packaging
  • Vacuum packaging films

Featured packaging products:

If you need polyolefin packaging for your product manufacturing or distributing operations, Profol has got you covered. Our solutions can help you:

Protect Your Products

Our packaging film and sheet solutions help protect products across a diverse set of industries, from food and beverage to medical. Each solution is custom engineered to protect the specific product until it is
consumed or utilized by the customer.

Attract Customers

We know the importance of film performance, which is why our team works diligently to understand the critical requirements and restrictions of each step of the value chain. This information enables us to produce film
that functions in all steps of use, from package converting to consumer utilization. We make packaging products that protect contents and stand out from the competition, both of which help ensure success in the

Optimize Production

Our film and sheet products support our customers’ brands by serving as high-performing packaging solutions. They enable customers to print sales messages directly on them, eliminating the need for separate labels
and streamlining production operations. Additionally, their light weight reduces transportation costs, warehousing space requirements, and material waste. Need assistance choosing a film or sheet that meets your
packaging needs? Our engineers can help you develop the ideal solution for your products. Our dedicated research and development lines in Europe and America enable us to quickly produce sample products to your
specifications and standards for your approval. Once the design is finalized, we can manufacture your product to the quantities you need. Our manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Film thickness:1–12 mil (25–300 micron)
  • Sheet thickness:12–25 mil (300–625 micron)
  • Standard machine web widths:1420–2700 mm (56–106 in.)
  • Outside roll diameter standard:1930 mm (30 in.)
  • In-line slitting to custom roll widths:89–2700 mm (3.5–106 in.)
  • Colors: standard and custom
  • Embossing patterns:multiple
  • Specialized film/sheet variations:high-clarity, FDA-compliant, biodegradable

To learn more about our packaging solutions or discuss your packaging needs with one of our team members, contact us today.

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