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Polyolefin packaging solutions for many applications.


If you want to optimize production, protect products and attract customers, Profol performs.

Profol’s packaging line of cast film and sheet are used for both food and non-food items. Applications include flexible packaging films for manufacture of pouch structures, peelable lidding, anti-fog film, floral sleeves, textile, overwraps, and shallow-draw thermoforming. We offer packaging films that are FDA compliant, PVC free and BPA free. profol-packaging-packages-960x515

Give us your toughest challenge. We’ll give you the best solution. Profol performance means more than providing custom film solutions for packaging applications. It’s our promise to you that we’ll deliver technical expertise and innovation, provide steadfast customer support, and always stay adaptable to your changing needs.

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Featured packaging products:
  • Clear Tear-Seal – film that is copy safe and easy to coat for durable packaging
  • ProFoil – metallized cast polyolefin film for barrier bags and IML printing
  • CPPeel® – CPP lidding film for packaging with customizable peel strengths and adhesion levels
  • CPPouch™ – family of polyolefin flexible pouch film technology
  • ProPost – coextruded cast polyolefin material with excellent printability for use in postal packaging
  • ProTort-1 – FDA-compliant polyolefin film for retort pouches
  • SuperClear – clear CPP film with custom colors, FDA compliant grades, and biodegradable options
  • Tougher SuperClear – CPP film with exceptional tear resistance for durable packaging
Applications for cast polyolefin films:
  • Anti-fog, hot and cold
  • Peelable, lock or peel seal lidding for tubs, food trays, etc.
  • Shallow-draw thermoform sheet
  • Autoclave sterilization film
  • Metalizable film
  • Laminate film
  • Barrier bags and pouches
  • Reflective surfaces
  • Flexible packaging
  • Floral wraps and packaging sleeves
  • Food packaging
  • Medical packaging
  • Labels – in-mold (IML), pressure sensitive
  • Retort film
  • US mail packaging
  • Composite can liner
  • Boil-in-bag film
  • Form-fill-seal film
  • Pouch film – stand up, pillow
  • Lap seal
  • Sealant film – heat seal, hot knife, ultrasonic