UD tape proUD 0°/ 90°/ X

UD tape by Profol (Made in Germany)

Glass fibers unidirectionally embedded in a polypropylene matrix – two materials with great properties, unbeatable together.

As UD tape, it has been trimmed by thermoplastics experts for efficiency and suitability for large-scale production and made fit for the mass market. With a glass fiber content of 72%, providing lightweight strength greater than aluminum.

If the high strength of the unidirectionally embedded glass fibers is exploited in the design and supported by the GF-UD 90° component, a wide range of applications can be achieved in which weight and cost reductions compared with other materials such as aluminum become a reality.

proUD 0°     – glass fiber in machine direction

proUD 90°  – glass fiber transverse to the machine direction

proUD X      – combination of machine and transverse direction

All three proUD variants on rolls with max. 2,200 running meters – efficient and simply strong!


Highly important functions

  • Easy thermoplastic processing
  • Easy to process as roll material
  • Highly reproducible mechanical values


  • Thickness range: up to 200μm
  • Width: up to 1,230mm
  • Color: black & natural


Lars Wilkening

Key Account Manager progano

Oliver Rüsseler

Senior Product Manager