Pouch Film

Like our film, we're pretty flexible

There is an almost endless array of applications for Profol’s pouch films in our CPSeal® film family.

Our flexible transparent or colored films are made with the highest quality standards. Available in formulations, thicknesses and widths that make your processes more efficient.

Many of our films can be used to create mono web or monomaterial packaging. Profol is continually working on new developments to improve the sustainability of flexible packaging while maintaining a good end user experience. Contact us at the design and concept stage and we will be happy to help you meet your sustainability needs. Mono material PP solutions are a reality with Profol.

CPSeal® P Coextruded Stand Up Pouch 

Our newest coextruded polypropylene based film technologies for stand up pouches have been awarded Germany’s 2018 sustainability award

The award was based on the pouch being 100% recyclable and produced from polypropylene based resins, offering one of the lowest carbon footprints for packaging film

Coextruded cast polypropylene (CPP) is 100% recyclable and does not include other laminate materials, adhesives, solvents or curing requirements.

  • Single-material polypropylene pouch film
  • One of the lowest carbon footprints among packaging films
  • Less expensive – no lamination steps required
  • Faster production – no adhesive curing for up to 72 hours required
  • Very good surface print adhesion
  • Wide sealing window
  • High seal strength and good puncture resistance
  • Custom colors available
  • Matte and gloss finishes available

Other pouch film:

  • CPSeal® C-100 Packaging Film
  • CPSeal® C-200 Standard Packaging Film
  • CPSeal® C-300 Low SIT Film that laminates to BOPP
  • CPSeal® R Retort Sealant Film
  • CPSeal® S-100 Sterilization Film
  • CPSeal® M-100 Metalizable Film
  • CPSeal® T Thermal Lamination Film

Our pouch film is a key component of countless packaging forms:

  • Bags
  • Pouch formats of all types
  • Sleeves
  • Super transparent, white or colored
  • Food-grade or non-food grade
  • Flow packs


  • Lidding
  • VFFS and HFFS
  • Fin seal and lap seal
  • Overwraps
  • Anti-fog bags, bread bags, textile bags
  • Cosmetic packaging

Capability range of Profol pouch films

  • High clarity
  • High opacity with color pigmented solutions
  • High seal strength
  • Food grade
  • Corona treated one or two-sided
  • Thickness range: 25-305µm
  • Width: Up to 2,540mm
  • Produced in a SQF and ISO certified facility
  • Efficient lead times

Profol materials are produced to specification of thickness and width requirements. Contact us for technical data for a specific film type.


Amy Presher

Sales Manager, Packaging

For packaging film inquiries, please use the contact form below.

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