Profol focuses on sustainability and wins the German Packaging Award 2018.

Nuremberg / Halfing, Germany – Profol, a specialist supplier of cast polypropylene films, has been awarded the coveted German Packaging Award in the category of “Sustainability” for its CPPouch® technology. This award recognizes the outstanding characteristics of the Profol pouch, which is 100% recyclable unlike traditional soft pouches.

The German Packaging Award has honored the best solutions and innovations in packaging since 1963. This year, a total of 226 different types of packaging, machinery, displays, logistics solutions and new concepts were viewed and evaluated by the jurors. In the sustainability category, there were 29 submissions and a total of six winners. The award ceremony took place on September 25, 2018, as part of the FachPack packaging trade show in Nuremberg, Germany.

“Winning this prestigious award highlights the success of our research in sustainable packaging and demonstrates the marketability of CPPouch technology as an environmentally friendly and competitive alternative to laminated pouches made of PET/PE,” said Dr. Philipp Schieferdecker, Managing Director of Profol.

About Profol CPPouch solutions:
CPPouch is a family of pouch technologies offered by Profol. This award-winning solution is a sustainable, energy-saving and 100% recyclable alternative to PET and polyethylene (PE) laminated pouches in the field of flexible packaging. Lamination and adhesive can be completely eliminated from the manufacturing process. In addition, the CPPouch family of solutions are solvent-free, food-neutral, and have high puncture resistance and seal strength. For the customer, this new development makes it easier to separate waste. Customary PET/PE combinations previously prevented pouches from being recycled. CPPouch films are available in white, transparent and a variety of colors. Learn more about the CPPouch family of film solutions »

About the company:
Since its beginning in 1980 as Profol GmbH (Halfing, Germany), the company has specialized in the production of high-quality cast polyolefin films. Since then, the environmentally friendly and versatile raw material cast polypropylene (CPP) has increasingly replaced other plastic film products. Polypropylene is odorless, tasteless and does not react with skin and mucous membrane. CPP films contain no plasticizers, acids or heavy metal compounds and are harmless to products and contact materials. Originally used mainly in the office supply industry, the material is increasingly gaining acceptance in the packaging and furniture industries.

Profol develops new product innovations based on CPP and other polyolefins, carries an extensive standard product line, and makes individual films to customer specifications. Profol supplies customers around the world through manufacturing sites in Europe, the Americas and Asia. With more than 26 production lines worldwide at its six production sites and approximately 500 employees, Profol has an annual capacity of over 100,000 metric tons.

Profol actively promotes environmental protection and sustainability by striving to reduce the consumption of raw materials, producing with a minimum of energy (eg. through heat recovery), and using recyclable materials throughout the production process.

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