MDO/MOPP Stretched Film

Profol offers a selection of first-class MDO/MOPP films, which are PP films stretched in the machine direction. This orientation of the PP molecules results in optimal mechanical values and a great look.

The new mechanics and the resulting strength allow functional applications without residual stretch. Safe, clean, reproducible up to 2,300mm width.


  • Carry handles

  • Labels and tags

  • Pressure sensitive adhesive tapes

  • Tear strips

  • Print carrier for packaging

  • Linear tear – optimized for tear open packaging

  • Ideal laminating partner for mono PP solutions

  • Safety tapes for appliances

  • Siliconizable release liners

  • Separation and bundling of cables

Attributes and Capabilities

  • Very good flatness
  • High tensile and tear strength, low elongation
  • Good appearance, high gloss
  • Good processability / machinability
  • High stiffness
  • Adjustable shrinkage properties


Mark VanSumeren

Director, New Business Development