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Profol exhibits at PACK EXPO International 2018.

October 14–17
McCormick Place
Chicago, Illinois

Visit Profol at booth N-4984 in the Upper North Building.
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Profol’s packaging line of cast film and sheet are used for both food and non-food items. Applications include flexible packaging films for manufacture of pouch structures, peelable solutions including lidding, vacuum packaging film, anti-fog film, floral sleeves, textile, overwraps, and shallow-draw thermoforming. We offer packaging films that are FDA compliant, PVC free and BPA free.

Our new CPPeel® family of lidding solutions give manufacturers better options for sealing, protecting and marketing food products. While our CPPouch™ family of flexible pouch films are ideal for single material recyclability, a wide range of sealing properties, and high-retort packaging applications. Profol also provides film for metalization, film for barrier bags, and many label applications including IML printing. Profol offers clear CPP film as well as film in custom colors, with exceptional tear resistance, and with biodegradable options.

Profol focuses on sustainability and wins the German Packaging Award 2018.

Nuremberg / Halfing, Germany – Profol, a specialist supplier of cast polypropylene films, has been awarded the coveted German Packaging Award in the category of “Sustainability” for its CPPouch™ technology. This award recognizes the outstanding characteristics of the Profol pouch, which is 100% recyclable unlike traditional soft pouches.

The German Packaging Award has honored the best solutions and innovations in packaging since 1963. This year, a total of 226 different types of packaging, machinery, displays, logistics solutions and new concepts were viewed and evaluated by the jurors. In the sustainability category, there were 29 submissions and a total of six winners. The award ceremony took place on September 25, 2018, as part of the FachPack packaging trade show in Nuremberg, Germany.

“Winning this prestigious award highlights the success of our research in sustainable packaging and demonstrates the marketability of CPPouch technology as an environmentally friendly and competitive alternative to laminated pouches made of PET/PE,” said Dr. Philipp Schieferdecker, Managing Director of Profol.

About Profol CPPouch solutions:
CPPouch is a family of pouch technologies offered by Profol. This award-winning solution is a sustainable, energy-saving and 100 percent recyclable alternative to PET and polyethylene (PE) laminated pouches in the field of flexible packaging. Lamination and adhesive can be completely eliminated from the manufacturing process. In addition, the CPPouch family of solutions are solvent-free, food-neutral, and have high puncture resistance and seal strength. For the customer, this new development makes it easier to separate waste. Customary PET/PE combinations previously prevented pouches from being recycled. CPPouch films are available in white, transparent and a variety of colors. Learn more about the CPPouch family of film solutions »

About the company:
Since its beginning in 1980 as Profol Kunststoffe GmbH (Halfing, Germany), the company has specialized in the production of high-quality cast polyolefin films. Since then, the environmentally friendly and versatile raw material cast polypropylene (CPP) has increasingly replaced other plastic film products. Polypropylene is odorless, tasteless and does not react with skin and mucous membrane. CPP films contain no plasticizers, acids or heavy metal compounds and are harmless to products and contact materials. Originally used mainly in the office supply industry, the material is increasingly gaining acceptance in the packaging and furniture industries.

Profol develops new product innovations based on CPP and other polyolefins, carries an extensive standard product line, and makes individual films to customer specifications. Profol supplies customers around the world through manufacturing sites in Europe, the Americas and Asia. With more than 26 production lines worldwide at its six production sites and approximately 500 employees, Profol has an annual capacity of over 100,000 metric tons.

Profol actively promotes environmental protection and sustainability by striving to reduce the consumption of raw materials, producing with a minimum of energy (eg. through heat recovery), and using recyclable materials throughout the production process.

Profol adds recyclable pouch to its CPPouch family of film solutions.

Sustainability continues to drive packaging innovation and simplification. In flexible pouch packaging, there is a push toward highly functional single-material solutions that can be more easily separated and recycled versus multi-material solutions that are prevalent today.

There have been several recent introductions for all-polyethylene pouch film technology. These products tout the all-polyethylene pouch as recycle-ready. Though the all-polyethylene pouch solutions have their place in some packaging, they don’t work well for applications requiring performance attributes that polyethylene can’t meet.

The narrow and mid web packaging format, driven by significant growth in digital printing, has helped lead the way to introducing new stand up and pillow pouch solutions. With the growth in flexible pouch packaging and advancements of digital printing technology, brand owners are willing to cater to the market trend of individualization, which typically requires shorter print times and multiple label designs for a single product line. Economical, smaller run volumes are one of the key advantages of digital printing. Narrow web converters are realizing that, with a low capital investment, their digital label converting can become package converting.

Profol develops two new pouch technologies.
To meet market needs, the Profol team worked with collaborative partners to develop two all-polypropylene CPPouch™ solutions that offer differentiated performance attributes versus existing all-polyethylene solutions.

New, coextruded all-polypropylene pouch wins packaging sustainability award at FachPack 2018. Learn more about this prestigious award »

CPPouch solution: 100% recyclable all-polypropylene pouch.
Profol introduced a recycle-ready coextruded all-polypropylene film as part of the CPPouch family of pouch solutions. Besides sustainability, one of the key objectives of this mono-material pouch development was to match the performance of traditional PET/PE laminate in terms of drop test, puncture resistance and moisture barrier.

Among other advantages there is no lamination required, eliminating an additional process step. Printing will be applied on the surface versus reverse print. Profol’s printing partner, Engelhardt Druck, has demonstrated superb color-adhesion such that even ultra-sonic welding does not compromise the print along the sealing seam, easing concerns for scratching or other visual defects to the packaging during transportation. Trials carried out by Profol’s pouch converting partner, Widmann, confirmed that the film can be processed very efficiently. In order to expand the markets where this unique new solution can be used, a version suitable for retort applications up to 121°C (250°F) is being developed.

CPPouch solution: Cast polypropylene sealant web for BOPP/CPP all-polypropylene pouch.
Profol teamed up with ACPO and Inland Packaging to develop this recycle-ready, all-polypropylene pouch solution. The pouch consists of a reverse printed BOPP film, and a pressure sensitive adhesive-coated cast polypropylene film. An oxygen barrier coating can be added if needed for the application. For proof of concept, Profol produced the cast polypropylene sealant web with a wide sealing window, ACPO applied the pressure sensitive adhesive to the sealant web, and Inland Packaging reverse printed the BOPP and pressure laminated it to the sealant web to form the final pouch.

All-polypropylene pouch value proposition.
These collaborative efforts have produced all-polypropylene pouch solutions that offer excellent functionality and differentiated performance for the narrow web and traditional pouch markets. In addition to improved sustainability and recyclability, the all-polypropylene pouch offers operational efficiency, low haze and directional tear advantages versus an all-polyethylene pouch.

To learn more about Profol and our pouch solutions, please contact us.

Profol adds thin-gauge polyolefin sheet capability.


profol_usa_standorte_RZ_040511Profol expands upon its heritage of being one of the world’s largest cast polyolefin film producers by adding thin-gauge sheet capabilities to their Cedar Rapids, Iowa, manufacturing site. Profol now offers thin-gauge sheet in a variety of polyolefin resins at some of the industry’s tightest gauge tolerances. Profol produces sheet with a gauge variation of +/- 0.5 mil across a web of 1900 mm (75 in.). Profol is able to achieve these tolerances through a uniquely engineered roll-stack design and proprietary integrated gauge control.

Prior to installing the thin-gauge sheet assets, the Profol team engaged the market to identify unmet needs for thin-gauge sheet applications. The message that came back loud and clear was the desire to reduce gauge while still maintaining part profile thicknesses in shallow-draw thermoforming applications. The barrier that was preventing many thermoforming companies from achieving gauge reduction was their inability to find sheet converters who could provide sheet with tight enough gauge tolerance, especially in the 12-25 mil range.

Profol is well known in the cast film industry for offering very tight gauge tolerances. Profol produces cast film in the range of 1-12 mil with tolerances on most grades of +/- 0.1 mil, in web widths as wide as 2700 mm (106 in.). When the market need for tight gauge tolerance in thin-gauge sheet was identified, our engineers designed the sheet line with the same proprietary integrated gauge control as we have on our film lines. Our customers have seen this as a game changer for their ability to reduce gauge. If you have thin-gauge polyolefin sheet needs, please contact us.


New CPPeel lidding film – a better alternative to aluminum.


Profol introduces the new CPPeel® family of lidding solutions. This new film gives manufacturers a better option for sealing, protecting and marketing food products. CPPeel is made with polypropylene resins in a cast film process – and is an alternative to lidding films made of aluminum, metallized PET or paper/PE lids. Our sealant layer is designed to be universal and will seal to a wide range of materials including polypropylene, polystyrene and PET.

CPPeel does not react with lactic acid, is solvent-free and generally more neutral towards packaged food. It is suitable for peelable lidding applications such as yogurt, cream cheese, instant soups, margarine, desserts, salads, sour cream or whipped cream. It can even be used with corrosive foods such as paprika or tomato spreads.

CPPeel lids can be heat-sealed to food containers without applying solvent-based heat-sealing lacquers and do not need to be embossed after printing. The production of CPPeel requires 90 percent less energy to manufacture compared to aluminum alternatives. The sealing temperature is approximately 100°C (212°F) lower, allowing for additional energy savings during application.

Colors appear crisper and brighter on CPPeel lids thanks to the film’s white base, boosting the packaged product’s appeal on the refrigerated supermarket shelf and grabbing the shopper’s attention.

Damaged closures and leaked food contents are a thing of the past. CPPeel lids adhere tightly to the rims of food containers and have a high puncture resistance. Lids stay on, but consumers also appreciate how CPPeel lids peel off containers smoothly and residual-free.

In contrast to existing aluminum/PP laminate lidding films, where aluminum residues on the sealing edge prevent the cup from being recycled, a polypropylene cup sealed with CPPeel is 100 percent recyclable.

Brand owners value the ability to use metal detectors on products sealed with CPPeel, which gives their customers more security. CPPeel meets all food safety regulations and requirements.

To learn more about Profol and our lidding solutions, please contact us.