Films for Coating

MDO PP stretched film

Profol now offers a selection of first-class MDO/MOPP films –  PP films stretched in the machine direction. This orientation of the PP molecules results in optimal mechanical values and enhanced optics.

The new mechanics and the resulting strength allow functional applications without residual elongation. Safe, clean, reproducible up to 2,300mm wide.

For adhesive and other coating applications, Profol performs.

Profol’s line of cast films for coating are specifically designed for customers who want to apply adhesive for self-wound tape and masking films. Our polyolefin film unwinds well with a variety of pressure-sensitive adhesives including acrylic and rubber. Unwind or release strength can be engineered through various emboss patterns. Profol film can be coated with release coatings such as silicone. Profol coating films are available in custom colors with options for UV, flame retardant or other additives as needed.


  • Carry handles

  • Labels

  • Adhesive tapes and PSA tapes

  • Tear strips

  • Pressure carriers for packaging

  • Linear tear – optimized tearing behavior for packaging

  • Ideal laminating partner for mono-PP solutions

  • Safety tapes for white goods

  • Silicone-coatable separating layers

  • Disconnecting and bundling cables

Mark VanSumeren

Director, New Business Development

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